Course Topics

  • Fundamentals of blockchain technology within the enterprise context.

  • Understand the differences between the public and private blockchain.

  • Extend the business potential by connecting SAP and other IT systems with blockchain technology.

  • Design your own use case and learn to recognize the opportunities for utilizing blockchain technology.

  • Learn about the SophiaTX ecosystem and discover the components and tools made for businesses of all sizes.


• SAP Manager
• SAP Developer
• SAP Consultant
• SAP Architect
• IT Developer
• IT Architect
• IT Consultant


At the end of this course participants will receive a certificate of course completion which is registered and originality-proven using the SophiaTX Blockchain.

Course Level

An introductory course showcasing how blockchain can extend today's ERP, SCM, and CRM enterprise systems as well as many other digital technologies.


Essential know-how of enterprise systems such as ERP, SCM, CRM, and other.

Key Benefits

  1. A good understanding of what enterprise blockchain is and how it will drive changes in business models and value chains.

  2. Understand how blockchain can address today's business problems.

  3. Learn the correct positioning of blockchain in today's enterprise technology context.

Jaroslav Kacina

Main Lecturer | CEO & Co-founder of SophiaTX

Over 22 years of exp. in business and technology transformations. Jaroslav is leading innovation projects in IT combined with a change in the operating model as its underlying path to improve business performance.

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